You have spent all summer growing your luscious locks out into mermaid waves, and now that fall is here, you may feel like you need a change but don’t want to give your locks a major chop. One way to do that is to change your hair’s color! Fall is a great time to a new color on your strands because you won’t have to worry about the sun changing or altering the color. Here are the hottest hair color trends this fall.

  • Cool brunette: If you have olive or cooler skin tone then this shade is perfect for you! This color is a great transition from your sun-bleached hair to a darker more “fall” look.


  • Wheat blond: This is a more natural neutral blond that includes tones of gold and beige. This hue looks good on pretty much anyone! It is a soft look due to the subtle highlights, so if you like subtle, this is a great look!


  • Exposed roots: This look is so in! It is pretty much letting your natural roots show in the most chic way possible. It takes the edge off of your roots and blends them in. This look is for everyone! It really just depends on your taste and how much or how little you want your roots to be showing. This is also an easy way to transition if you want to leave more time in between touch-ups.


  • Bronde: This trend is here to stay! It is a nice happy medium between blonde and brunette… just right! This color works best for light brown to dark brown hair types and people with warm skin tones.


If you are looking to spice up your look this fall, experimenting with hair color is a good place to start!

XOXO, Chels