Okay ladies, do you ever pull on a pair of jeans in the fullsizerender-54morning and then stare at your shoes thinking “What kind of boots do I wear with these?!” because, lets face it, finding the right kind of boots for each style of jeans can be quite a task. Are booties best? Riding boots? Over-the-Knee boots? Wedges? So many options! I came up with a handy dandy cheat sheet to help guide you in your pairing.

  1. Skinny jeans: If you are keeping it casual, knee-high boots like riding boots are best for these jeans. If you are getting a little more dressy, try wedges or short stylish booties.
  2. Boyfriend jeans: These jeans are so fun to wear. Simple short booties work great with these for a simple but stylish ensemble.
  3. Flared jeans: These jeans are super slimming. If you are keeping it casual, wear a pair of suede wedge booties. This look is a little bit retro and a whole lot cute.
  4. Boot cut jeans: If you are going the casual route, wear booties. As the name suggests, these jeans are perfect for boots!

Trying to find the right jeans to wear with certain pairs of boots can be a stressful situation when you are running out the door in the morning. I hope this super simple guide helps with the process, and if not, just search outfit ideas on Pinterest!

XOXO, Chels