Fall nail colors are my favorite kind. They are subtle, chic, and totally trendy. When you are choosing a nail color this fall you want to keep in mind a few factors: the colors you wear most often, what colors look good with your skin tone, and also what colors you just like in general! Here are my top 5 fall nail favorites.nail polish 1

  1. Oxblood: This dark red color gives off a mysterious vibe that I just love. I also love it because it just screams “fall.”
  2. Navy: Navy is just a classic, classy color. The dark shade makes it perfect for fall.
  3. Nude: Nude goes with everything. It is classy, neutral, and gives you a put-together look.
  4. Dark grey: I am a firm believer in the power of dark grey.
  5. Brown: Never underestimate the power of dark brown. When it comes to fall colors, brown is your best bet.

I already have my nails painted in “oxblood” so I am totally on my fall nail game! Which color are you going to rock on your nails this fall?

XOXO, Chels