Plaid: Fall’s favorite pattern. You can wear it many ways, with many layers, and in many color combinations! Sometimes, with all those options, it can get a little overwhelming. To simplify styling plaid this Fall, I’ll give you my 3 favorite ways to wear it.

  1. Layered: One plaid shirt can be worn in so many ways. It can be worn under a sweater, cardigan, vest, army jacket, and so on. You can tone down the pattern by layering it under things, or let it be the centerpiece of the outfit by wearing it by itself.
  2. Accessorized: Plaid scarves are timeless and go with just about anything! You can drape a plaid blanket scarf around your shoulders to keep you warm, and can wear a pair of plaid gloves to add accent to any fall ensemble.
  3. Statement: Make a plaid piece the statement item of your outfit. I love a cute plaid skirt with a simple top and riding boots. The pattern doesn’t overwhelm the outfit and gives it the perfect amount of “pop.”

I am ready to rock some plaid this Fall!

XOXO, Chels