It’s hard to stay warm in the winter, so what better way than throwing on a stylish beanie/hat or throwing up your hood?  Of course this will help keep you warm, but it really messes up your hair (unless of course you’re covering up bedhead.)  If your wish is to keep picture perfect hair, then keep on reading!Chelsea Crockett- winter hats

Start by washing and blow drying your hair…the more volume the better.  Throw some volumizing moose on your roots right after the shower to keep them from going flat.  Synthetic fiber hats make hair extremely static-y.  By sticking to the real stuff, wool or cotton, your hair is more likely to keep its original form.  Make sure when styling your hair to keep it loose.  This means straight or loose curls.  Your hair needs to breathe, so keeping it in a firm style or wearing a tight hair will only cause more creases.  If you do decide to wear a tighter hat, move the hat around every once in a while.  This way it won’t crease your hair.

When times call for desperate measures and your hat does ruin your hair, keep a small bottle of dry shampoo with you in your purse.  This way to can quickly touch it up before getting to where you need to go!  No need to be scared of hats anymore!