Flannels are a pretty diverse piece of clothing. They can be worn in so many ways, from wrapped around your waist to layered over a dress to simply buttoned up! Besides being oh-so-warm and cozy, they are also pretty darn cute. Here are 4 ways to fashion your flannels this season.

  1. If you live somewhere where the weather is not too chilly during the winter months but can get a little brisk at times, you can layer a unbuttoned flannel on top of a floaty dress and pair that with boots and sunglasses. If you live where it is chilly, add some tights under the dress to make this outfit work for you!130f87ce746fbc7b509533fa9aa75955
  2. An all-black outfit is necessary every once in a while. Want to feel chick and edgy? Pair some black skinnies with a simple v-neck tee and a black and white unbuttoned flannel. Toss on some boots and a statement necklace and you are ready to rock.
  3. If you have a preppy side, which I think we all do deep down, layer a checked flannel under a cute sweater. Let the collar and the cuffs of the sleeve pop out of the sweater to show the pattern. Add in a statement watch, some bangles, and riding boots to finish off this look.
  4. Add a feminine flare to your flannel by tucking it into high-waisted jeans. Wear some classic nude or brown booties with this to create a sort of retro, classic, almost western look!

How will YOU wear your flannels this fall?