BOO! Get festive with these adorable Halloween nail ideas! Below I have images and explanations on why I love each one!

1. Candy Corn Nails

Chelsea crockett Halloween nails

If you love candy corn as much as I do, then you will absolutely adore these nails. I love these nails because they remind me of candy corn, which is a must-have snack for fall! These nails will definitely get you in the fall spirit! And because they only feature three colors, in three straight lines, they are super easy to achieve! If your personality is girly or goofy, then these are for you!

2. Spider Web Nails

Chelsea Crockett halloween nails

These nails scream Halloween! What describes Halloween better than creepy crawly spiders? I like these nails because they are simple yet fun! You just need black and white nail polish and BAM, you are all set to create this look! In order to get the thin lines in the spider web part of the nail, dip a toothpick into the nail polish and use it to create the web. If you favor a darker kind of style, then this is the look for you!

3. Chic Halloween Nails

Chelsea crockett halloween nails

And now for my favorite of them all! I absolutely adore these nails because, to me, they are so classy. The Halloween orange with a dash of black and white chevron is fabulous! It is the perfect mix of cute and festive. If you favor a preppy or classy sort of style, then these nails are the ones for you!

Which of these nails are your favorite? Let me know in the comment section below!

XOXO, Chels