There is a swimwear trend that has been coming up through the ranks the last few years and is finally making waves. It is high-waisted swimwear! I have a few suits in this style and am a huge fan because they slim my waist and disguise my thighs. Here are a few of my favorite high-waisted suits!

  1. Scalloped: Scalloped swimwear is so cute. It is feminine yet simple. I also think it has a classiness to it.
  2. Girly: Bring on the fun prints and ruffles! I love the peplum style of this top because it hides any belly that we may be uncomfortable showing. The bottoms are also a great statement piece, I love the colorful print!
  3. Unique: I love suits that are different from the norm. This top is just that! It is long sleeved, which is not typically what swim tops are. If you are going to a beach that is a little chilly or clowdy, then this is a great option. It is also a good option if you are trying to avoid sunburn. I love the retro flare of the stripes paired with the simple sleek black bottoms.

I am totally hopping on board with the high-waisted suit trend, are you?

XOXO, Chels