Usually when I think of cold weather fashion I think of shades like white, grey, brown and black and muted, darker tones. After the fall colors fade away and the winter the skies are gray, and if you don’t like the cold, your mood is gray as well! One way to drown out the late fall/winter blues is to add color to youimagesr wardrobe. Here are a few ways to add colors back into your ensembles.

  1. Coats: Who says coats have to be neutral colors all of the time? Not me! I love to wear a statement coat, such as my red pea coat, to work some color back into my outfits!
  2. Scarves: Scarves are a great way to spice up your outfit. Wear a statement scarf with a solid shirt to add some dimension.
  3. Hats: I love wearing hats in the fall and winter, and if you follow me on Instagram you totally know what I am talking about! They are a great way to stay warm and look cute at the same time.
  4. Handbags: By adding in a colored handbag to your outfit you can effortlessly slide in some color.
  5. Sweaters: Colored sweaters… a total yes! I have a coral colored sweater that I just love, and I wear it with dark jeans and riding boots for an easy, comfy chilly weather outfit!

How are YOU adding color into your cold-weather wardrobe?

XOXO, Chels