When it’s freezing cold outside, the last thing you want to do is leave your warm, cozy house… But when you’re forced out into the harsh weather, you have to be bundled up from head to toe! Despite the falling snow or bitter winds, you’re going to have to find some ultra-warm clothes to keep warm. Sometimes this makes it harder to keep your style and look fashionable (and who knows, maybe you’re going on an ice skating date?)! With that being said, here are some pointers on how to do just that!

  • Maybe you have a light coat that you want to wear but you don’t think it’ll be warm enough. Layer! You can always wear a long-sleeved shirt underneath a sweater and then you’re stylish coat. Or try finding a fleece zip up or something along those lines to rock underneath!
  • Boots are always the key to keeping your feet warm. Find a stylish pair such as snow boots, combat boots, or booties! Depending on how dressy you’re going, you can always wear a think pair of boot socks to stick out of your fashionable boots.Chelsea Crockett - Snow Boots
  • Accessories are the key to any good outfit, no matter what! So, find a cute scarf, hat, or pair of gloves that match your outfit to spice it up.
  • Lastly, find the perfect coat to seal the deal. Instead of a plain fleece jacket, try rocking a pea coat, puffy coat, or even a fleece or fur vest (cause vests are totally in!).

So whatever the frigid occasion may be, ice skating or maybe a Christmas parade, I hope these help you out!

XO – Chelsea