I think wearing black on black is so chic and sophistocated. But, there is a difference between wearing all black and looking sophistocated and wearing all black and looking overly grungy. We want to lean more towards classy and chic, so here are a few ways to do just that!

  1. Play with shades: There are different shades of black. When I say that, I mean there is lighter blacks that are more dark gray-ish and then there are pitch blacks. My advice is to play with different shades of black and dark gray in an outfit to add dimension and break up the black.f38aae0339472b8db4a38cf381077481
  2. Work with patterns: Wear black ripped jeans with a quilted black leather jacket and plain black or dark gray tee. The different patterns and textures of the pieces will keep things interesting and distract from the solomness of the dark shade. You can also wear black tops with white trim or patterns to add some accent!
  3. Go bold: This look is for the girl that knows wearing all black is an art and takes planning, and she embraces it. Like I said earlier, there is a fine line between looking sophistocated and going too overboard with wearing all black. In this outfit we go bold and we pair plain black skinnies with a classic leather biker jacket and black booties. We can even toss in a black handbag with silver zippers and snaps, so that the accents on the handbag accentuate the oufit. The silver accents on the buckles of the boots and the snaps on the jacket and handbag help break up the black.

Remember to keep things classy and chic when planning an all black ensemble. Be bold, and be brave when making fashion choices! J

XOXO, Chels