Lauren Conrad is one of the biggest fashion bloggers of our time.  She’s an icon in all things fashion and beauty!  If you don’t know who she is, you may recognize her from the shows Laguna Beach and The Hills.  She has certain style secrets that she swears by that I think we can all learn a little from!

  • Keep things simple!  You don’t have to go above and beyond to make a fashion statement.Chelsea Crockett - Lauren Conrad  Keeping things sleek and classy isn’t a bad thing. (That being said, your style is how you want to dress so if keeping it simple isn’t your thing, then you do you!) 
  • Try rocking winged eyeliner.  I was always a little hesitant with winged eyeliner but now I love it!  Trying out a little wing doesn’t hurt!
  • Skinny jeans and loose blouses.  Like the picture on the right, Lauren always rocks a simple pair of jeans and a loose shirt.  Pairing it with simple accessories and a killer pair of wedges seals the look!
  • Rock a blazer.  Blazers can make an outfit go from boring to fashionable.  It’s definitely a staple piece, so if you don’t own one you should!
  • Mix style with comfort.  If you’re not comfortable in your outfit, then what’s the point?  Buy yourself a super comfy pair of jeans or a pair of wedges that fit just right.

Try these tips out from the style queen herself!

XOXO – Chelsea