When I am planning out my outfits, I always have to plan out the jewelry too. Lately I have been loving the layered necklace trend. It adds dimension and uniqueness to your look! Plus, there are so many variations you can do. I will admit, though, that it took a lot of practice to get the art of layering down. There are ways to make your layering look like it flows and like the pieces work together. Here is necklace layering 101!bbceaaa468e8980d22628679bfd962ce

  1. Play with different lengths: Wearing short, medium, and long necklaces together lets you showcase all three necklaces and also gives your look different levels of dimension.
  2. Work with shapes: Wear necklaces that feature different shapes. This draws attention to the individual pieces and the whole look. Try a necklace with a small circle and another with a bar.
  3. Mix it up: Mix up the different metals! Use silver and gold necklaces in your layering. It adds dimension!
  4. Keep it simple: I have a necklace that I wear every day. I never leave the house without it, and I always feel “dressed” when I have it on. From there I can add pieces to my look if I want depending on my outfit! Also, necklace layering doesn’t have to be done when you are dressed up and going out, it can be done when you are wearing a simple tee and jeans! It can give a simple feminine touch to an outfit in need of some pizzazz.

I love this trend because it is an easy way to express yourself and play with fashion! There is really no “wrong” way to layer.

XOXO, Chels