I am convinced that I belong near the beach. I am going to Cali for college, so my beach dreams are coming true! I love beach fashion, from swimsuits to sunglasses to sandals. There is one more piece of beachwear that may just be my favorite, and that is coverups! Here are 3 of my favorite swimsuit coverup styles this season.

  1. Lacey: Lacey coverups are fun and feminine. I love that you can still see some of your swimsuit peeking through the holes in the lace. If you prefer a delicate, girly coverup then this one is for you!kimono
  2. Kimono: If you are a boho kind of gal, then the beach kimono is right up your alley. This look is so effortless and breezy, plus kimonos come in a million different colors and patterns so you are bound to find one you love!
  3. Sheer: To me, this look just screams “beach.” If you like high fashion or never go anywhere without being dressed up and accessorized, then I think you will dig this coverup. It is long, which gives it a more “dressy” look, and is sheer so it gives you a beachy, fun vibe as well.

Coverups are just another way to show your personal style when you are headed to the beach!

XOXO, Chels