To me, there is no clothing item more classic than a tan trench coat. They are timeless, can be paired with pretty much anything, and never go out of style. If there was one piece of clothing I would recommend for every closet, it would be a tan trench coat! Here are a few of my favoirte ways to wear them this fall and winter.trench 1

  1. Classy and casual: For running around town or any casual occasion, pair a simple striped shirt with some dark jeans, and simple ankle booties with a trench coat for a slightly nautical, classy look.
  2. A bit more dressy: If you want to dress things up just a smidge, layer a patterened button-up under a simple sweater, and pair that with a pair of black pants for a preppy, put-together look.
  3. Dressing it up: If you’re feeling really dressy, pair a cute collared dress with your trench coat. The collar will add a sweet simple touch to the outfit, and the dress gives the ensemble a feminine flair!

So what do you say, is a trench coat on your wish list now?

XOXO, Chels