Tattoos are very trendy right now. Although I can appreciate a pretty tattoo, I don’t want one myself. Just a little too permanent for me! I love that there are temporary options for people like me who don’t want to fully commit to a tattoo! Here are a few of my favorite temporary tattoo methods that will allow you to express yourself in a non-permanent way!

Flash tattoos: Flash tattoos are all the rage recently! They are metallic temporary tattoos that come in a variety of shapes and patterns. I like to wear them to concerts or out with friends when I want to feel edgy or to add some uniqueness to my ensemble! When I was out in LA for BeautyCon I saw SO many girls wearing flash tattoos!tumblr_n9qd2924oM1toza49o1_500

Henna: I love henna tattoos because they last a lot longer than flash tattoos and other temporary tattoos and you can make super fun patterns with them! I love how boho I feel when I have a trendy henna tattoo.

DIY tattoos: There are also cool diy temporary tattoos like the “Sharpie and hairspray” one! Draw your desired design onto your skin with a Sharpie. Wait for the marker to dry completely and then rub baby powder onto the design. Spray the tattoo with hairspray and you are all set!

So, if you want the fun expression of a tattoo without the permanence, try these fun temporary tat ideas!

XOXO, Chels