Watches are a classic statement piece. They add a timeless touch to any outfit, plus, they make sure you are on time! 😉  They are also stack-able, meaning you can wear other bracelets with them and stack them to create a more interesting, layered look. Today we will discuss the 3 watches every girl needs in her wardrobe. Each is unique and adds its own special flare to any outfit it accents! Plus these can be worn year round because they are so versatile.

  1. The classic: Every girl needs one watch that goes with evvvverything. These watches can be worn to school,watch-2 to work, and then out with friends even when you have changed your outfit 3 different times! It is versatile and classic. I love watches with leather bands because they look classy and match virtually anything.
  2. The statement: A statement watch can be the focal point of your whole outfit! I love watches that have cool faces, like watches with maps or glitter as their face.
  3. The unique: If you want to add dimension to your outfit, you need a wraparound watch. The strap wraps around your wrist a few times which gives it a unique look. I love this look because it is a little edgy! I would wear it with an over-sized neutral sweater or a military jacket and some ripped up black skinny jeans.

What kind of watches make up YOUR wardrobe? Comment below which one of these three is your fav!

XOXO, Chels