Booties are a wardrobe staple. They work with everything from a fancy ensemble to a casual outfit. Plus, there are literally hundreds of styles out there so there is something for everyone! Still, there are times when it is hard to come up with fresh new ways to wear them. Here are a few outfit ideas that are perfectly paired with booties.

  1. Maxi skirt and cozy sweater: 92a4cde72fb8ffb0b7a4547bdf83fd83
  2. Dressed up with a pencil skirt:f322d088a305b8ecd6e0049f177c9503
  3. Skinnies and a cardigan:36d553cd80f81cb4983b105bfdd82850
  4. As a statement with a black ensemble:9c588d4cfe94aac4e80b837a79441585
  5. With a cute dress:07bb07c167b87a464644cd9d9f517a5b
  6. Simple with ripped jeans and a sweater:b349ee8ca4fa19c32706175ce468c13b
  7. Casual with leggings and a tunic:f66d163d6fc62e7239531bd9b22d80a6

What is YOUR favorite way to wear booties?

XOXO, Chels