I wish I was brave enough to get bangs. I mean, they are such a huge commitment! What happens if you don’t like them?! Then you have to wait foreeeeever for them to grow back out! Well, here is a little guide to which bangs are right for your face shape so you can avoid any awkward bang experiences!long-bangs-hairstyles-2012-1

  1. Square face shape: If you are a lovely lady with a very defined jaw line, then eye-grazing fringe bangs are just for you!
  2. Heart shaped face: I have this shape! According to the experts, side sweep bangs are what us heart-shape faced ladies should go for!
  3. Round shaped face: Whispy bangs are just right for your face shape!
  4. Oval face shape: You lucky ducky! You can pull off all three of the styles above! I envy you!

So what do you think, will you take the plunge and try bangs? I just might! We can do it together!

XOXO, Chels