I recently bought a suede dress from Target, and that is when my love for suede fashion was born. There are so many different ways to wear suede this winter, whether it is in dress, skirt, jacket, handbag, or even shoe form! Suede is a sort of retro fabric that can make any outfit feel vintage and chic. Here are my favorite ways to style suede!suede

  1. Skirts: A suede skirt is so versitile. You can wear it casually with tights, flat booties, and a sweater, or you can dress it up with a felt hat and a silky blouse! I love this feminine flare on suede. The same goes for suede dresses. They are effortlessly fashionable. You can also wear it with a button-up long sleeve shirt to make an easy, cute, casual outfit.
  2. Jackets: Want a western flare? Throw on a suede jacket. This will give any outfit a sort of western vibe. It can also spruce up a simple outfit like, say, black jeans and a simple white tee.
  3. Boots: I love a good pair of suede booties. They go with just about anything and come in so many shades! Suede wedges are also a weakness of mine. They are perfect winter accessories!

What is your favorite way to wear suede this season?

XOXO, Chels