There is something so romantic about a winter wedding. Don’t get me wrong, all weddings are romantic, but winter weddings just seem to have a different feel to them. They seem sophistocated and classy. If you have a winter wedding to attend, you want to dress the part of a stylish guest! Here are a few outfit ideas for your next winter wedding.IMG_2559

  1. Sequined pencil skirt: One of the writers of attended a wedding this December and wore a sequined pencil skirt. She paired it with a simple white blouse and pointed black felt pumps. It was simple and stylish! The sequins dressed up the outfit while the subtle shirt and shoes made sure to balance it all out.
  2. Tulle midi skirt: I love a good tulle skirt. They are so fun and feminine! For a simple, subtle fashion statement, wear a tulle skirt with a netural colored sweater and heels. Simple and subtle is what every wedding guest should be! All eyes should be on the bride.
  3. A jumpsuit: I love a classy jumpsuit! These are so stylish and trendy, and also really comfortable! Pair a jumpsuit with a blazer and heels for a great winter wedding outfit.

What would YOU wear to a winter wedding?

XOXO, Chels