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Mission in Motherhood

Have you ever had those really strange moments in your life when everyone had stopped laughing at a joke, but for some reason, you just kept laughing long after it…

Mission in Mother Hood with Chelsea CrockettHave you ever had those really strange moments in your life when everyone had stopped laughing at a joke, but for some reason, you just kept laughing long after it was told?  Many of those times for me, are now funny  stories we will tell our grandchildren someday about their parents.   One of those times was one early morning when Chelsea was around one year old.  She was crying and coughing in her bed, so the video baby monitor woke us.  We noticed that on the screen, she was sitting up and it looked like there was white fluff all over her crib.    When we went in to check on her, we found out that not only did Chelsea not appreciate being wet, she also discovered that her diaper didn’t taste very good either.  Yes,… Chelsea was digging at her wet diaper and trying to eat it.  Nice one, Chels. 

While being a parent is entertaining, it can also be trying at times.  The difficulty lies in the fact that many times, we forget that being a parent takes commitment on our parts.  It is so easy to become exhausted with everyday life that we forget to teach our kids about discipline and setting limits for them in their lives.  Family lives are so busy that “surviving the hectic, busy day” is the theme, while guiding and teaching is low on the priority list. 

One of the challenges that I’ve faced this year was from this very thing!  We were so busy prioritizing our schedules, we neglected our priorities.  While we had good intentions to sit down together at night to eat as a family,  it rarely happened.  The stress began to eat away at our patience for each other, and our over-all health was deteriorating.  The symptoms ranged from migraine headaches, arthritis, panic attacks, insomnia,- and the list goes on and on and on. Mission in Mother Hood with Chelsea Crockett

Recently, we’ve been getting our priorities in order.  One of the things that I’m working on as a mom is to become more healthy and to help my family do the same.  We’ve been working on understanding proper nutrition, as well as what we are deficient in.  We are working hard to eliminate the toxins from our lives.  Another goal of mine is to guide and steer our family into thinking about a family mission statement. 

My personal mission statement as a mom is to be an energetic mother who loves and knows God fully, follows his lead, and leaves a legacy of christian love to her kids. Sounds really good, doesn’t it?  Well, I have to admit…..some of it, I stole from our pastor’s sermon this past week.  In fact, if you would like to see this sermon, you can go to  The sermon was titled, “Love and Limits”.

As “Mother’s Day” approaches, I hope and pray you feel empowered to become the mother that you are called to be.  Isaiah 40:11 says, “He shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall gather the lambs with his arm, and carry them in his bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young.”  

In this Old Testament promise, spoken by the prophet Isaiah, the Lord clearly states his commitment to guide and protect mothers and to care for their children.  It is hard to believe that someone could love our children as much as we do, but he really does.   I don’t know about you, but I find this to be very encouraging.


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Put First Things First?

Will and Won’t Power. Prioritize, and do the most important things first.

Put Things First - Chelsea Crockett Putting first things first is something teens, as well as myself, find hard to do.   Prioritizing and managing your time is super difficult especially in the life of a busy teen.  Who wouldn’t want to hang out with friends and relax instead of clean your room or do homework?  Putting important things first definitely doesn’t mean having no time for yourself or for your friends.  You just have to figure out what things are urgent, and what things are important.

             As Sean Covey says, urgent things aren’t necessarily bad. The problem happens when we put off important things for urgent ones, such as a phone call from your friend instead of that 100 point essay due tomorrow.  There are many situations in which I think, “Well, this homework’s due Friday. I’ll just do it tomorrow.”  This obviously is not the best way to go.  Get it done so you have more free time the next night.  Believe me, it’s much less stressful.

            You might be the person that is loaded up on activities and has no clue what the start to putting first things first is and that’s okay.  Start by keeping a planner. Write in it each week so you know what you have going on and can manage your time easily.  Sean Covey talks about thinking mainly about your “big rocks” before you plan.  These big rocks are the most important things you need to get done for the week. Write those down and simply work them into your schedule.  It’s much easier to plan out your week then to scramble things together last minute.

            The other half of Habit 3 is learning how to deal with peer pressure and to overcome your fears.  This really applies to me because we all know school isn’t the easiest place to stick to your guns and be who you want to be. Ask yourself, “What do I want to put first?”  Is it your family, friends, God?  What stops you?  Is it the girls around you telling you to try this or do that?  Resisting peer pressure takes a large amount of courage, but in the end, it pays off in many different ways.  You always have the choice – to take the easy way and fall into peer pressure, or to resist the urge to belong and say no.  Respect yourself and your values. 

            Breaking out of your comfort zone takes a lot of courage, especially when you have the eyes of hundreds of teens watching your every move.  I know in my own comfort zone, I feel secure because I know this is the safe path I can take.  By staying in this zone, you’re passing up several opportunities.  A perfect way to put this is the saying, “You’ll never know if you don’t try!”  Show some faith in yourself and show others what you can do.  Start living your life so you can look back with no regrets!  I’ve always been in love with music and have always wanted to go somewhere with that.  Being the shy girl that I am, I kept to singing in the shower and playing instruments in my room.  Realizing that it’s a talent that God has given me, I don’t intend on wasting it. So, I’ve been practicing more, taking lessons, and playing more for my family and friends. 

            Take a step outside your comfort zone despite what others say about you.  Put what’s important to you first and start living the life you want.


                                                            Alli Stone, age 15

If you’re interest in Sean Covey’s book, click here.  You won’t regret it!

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