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His Will. His Way. My Faith.

I was reading online and saw these exact six words: His will. His way. My faith. My mind kept coming back to this phrase again, and again, and again. It’s…

I was reading online and saw these exact six words: His will. His way. My faith. My mind kept coming back to this phrase again, and again, and again.

It’s easy to forget whose hands our plans are in. We look everywhere for answers, but fail to look to the one who already has our plans figured out.

God knows what the future holds. His will and his way are already decided. It’s the strength of our faith that is one of the most important parts of the equation. Without trust and hope in God’s will, then how can we allow God to work through our lives?

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “’For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”

Verses like the one above make me want to trust God more and more with the plans he has for me. His plans are always to prosper us and it says so right in Jeremiah 29:11. These types of verses make my anxiety go down, and my faith and trust in the future go up.

Would it be easier to trust God’s will for your life if he gave you hints along the way? Or if you could sit down and have an actual conversation with God, what would you want to know about the days to come? I always think about these types of questions or scenarios when it comes to the future.

The thing is, God already gives us hints throughout the Bible and within our day-to-day lives. Do you listen for his still, small voice? You can actually hear God’s voice if you listen for it! There are too many times when God tries to give us hints on where to go next, but we’re too busy or worrisome to hear him.

I know it can be hard to have faith not knowing where God’s taking you yet, but God will help you through it! I encourage you to journal all your feelings down in a prayer journal, whether they’re feelings of excitement, discomfort, or even frustration. Although God already knows what’s on your heart, he’ll give you peace and guidance if you just talk to him!

So, remember these six words: His will. His way. My faith. Repeat this phrase in your head when you’re having those repeated feelings of anxiety or fear.

As the Bible tells us, there is power in the name of Jesus! Call out to him instead of letting pride keep you from surrendering control. It’s always going to be his will and his way. Give him your faith and watch his perfect plan unfold!

– Chelsea

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Goal-Setting: Is It Healthy?

Have you ever been asked the question: “where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I know I have, and the answer is never an easy one. I like to…

Have you ever been asked the question: “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

I know I have, and the answer is never an easy one. I like to think I have my future planned out and secured, but the truth is, none of us really know what’s in store.

Even tomorrow, next week, next month is uncertain. But what I do know is that we can set goals to keep our minds and paths straight and fixed on the Lord, no matter what life throws our way.

Christian goal setting is different than setting normal goals for our lives. I know for me, I find it confusing to set goals when God is supposed to have full control of my life. What is the happy medium where I can plan and aspire for certain things, while still surrendering to God’s plan for my life?

Having goals isn’t a bad thing. Having dreams, hopes, and aspirations to drive you and make you look forward to the future is something God intended for us to do. God wants us to desire things for ourselves, no matter how big or small those things may be.

I know for me, I’m hesitant to set goals due to expectations. I don’t like having the risk of not achieving my goals hanging over my head. I’m scared to let myself, or others, down in the end.

But when it comes down to it, goals are healthy. They’re exciting and give us something to work toward. When setting goals, ask yourself: “Do my goals align with God’s will?” If the answer is yes, then you are on the right track!

I try to stay away from goals that revolve around making more money, being more successful, losing more weight, etc. I often find my goals revolving all around me, me, me.

While having goals for yourself such as being healthier or reducing procrastination is great, set some goals revolving around your relationship with God and how you are with others.

Make sure your goals don’t get in the way of spending time with God or putting him on the backburner. If you find yourself switching out time in the Word for going to the gym, maybe you need to rethink your planning.

There are a couple Bible verses that stand out to me when it comes to setting goals.

Psalm 33:11 says, “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.”

Ask the Lord where your head should be at. What does he want you to focus on for yourself? Maybe it’s finding a Bible study to get involved in. Or maybe it’s focusing on memorizing a couple of verses to meditate on and study every week. Ask God to reveal your desires to you and listen for his still, small voice!

Another verse I’ll leave you with is Proverbs 16:9. It says, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.

Having goals without God is like having a car without gas: pointless, frustrating, and no way to live up to our expectations. When we start planning without asking the Lord to direct us, we begin walking aimlessly and out of selfish desires.

I encourage you to have a talk with God this week. Ask him what he wants from you at this point in your life. Ask him to align your goals with his will for your present and future! God will guide you if you ask and help you fulfill the purpose and goals for your life!

– Chelsea

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