I have heard way too many girls say that they don’t have many girl friends because “There’s too much drama” or “Too much judgement.” Our society tries to pit females against each other and dramatizes female conflict and makes everything seem like it is one big competition, when really we should be on the same team and working with each other to be better friends. I don’t doubt for one minute that you are a great friend who supports your gal pals, but like I said, we live in a world where it is often easy and sometimes encouraged to be a bad friend. Here are a few things you may not be aware you are doing, but they can be making you a bad friend.

  1. Jealousy: it can be difficult not to feel jealous when you see your bff getting her dream job, taking an incredible trip, or gaining huge achievements. But, nothing good comes from playing the
    comparison game. It just brings you down and makes you feel inadequate. It can also make your friend upset if you aren’t happy for her and her successes. Be happy for her achievements! It will make your life much more joyful, and she will be more likely to celebrate yours.FullSizeRender (79)
  2. You see her has competition: There are always going to be women that are more successful than you. Instead of making it feel like life is a competition and comparing yourself to them, take pride in what YOU have accomplished. You are also an amazing person, and are doing incredible things, so take pride in that. Not everything has to be a competition!
  3. You tend to judge her: If your friends do things you don’t agree with or approve of, let them know how their actions make you feel. Share your thoughts and feelings with them in a respectful manner instead of letting your judgements cloud your view of them. When they hear the way you feel, they will be able to respect your opinions.

Be supportive, caring, kind and a team player. That’s the key to being a great friend!

XOXO, Chels