Want to know the best possible thing you could do for your future husband? Pray for him. You may not meet him for many years, or you may already know him, but whatever the case, it is really important to keep him in your prayers. Wouldn’t you like to think that he is praying for you, too? Here are some ways that you can pray for your future husband to encourage and strengthen him, wherever he may be, because he is the future head of your house and the future father of your children. He needs some prayer, ladies!

  1. Pray for his relationship with God. Like I said, he is the future head of your house and father to your children, so you want a strong man of God in the position of husband.tumblr_m4c1guYyY81rvjm9wo1_500
  2. Pray for your husband to make wise choices. Pray that he is being smart with the decisions he makes right now in his teen years and that he is wise with where and who he spends his time with.
  3. Pray that he as the power to resist temptations, whatever they may be. At this time in our lives, there is a lot of temptations! Pray that he resists them now and throughout his young adulthood so that when he meets you he is wise and pure.
  4. Pray for him to pray for you! How would it be to have your future husband out there praying for you right this second? Praying for all of the things that you pray for him about? How encouraging!

It is SO important to pray for your future hubbies, ladies! Pray for him and see how God will bless your relationship when you finally meet.

XOXO, Chels