Are you a little strapped for cash, but long to go on fun dates with your boo thang? Most high school and college kids don’t have money to throw around, so when you find a way to save money and still have fun, you take it! Here are 5 super fun date ideas that are totally free and totally awesome.

  1. Make a blanket fort: Let the inner child in you break free! If the weather isn’t ideal, stay indoors, grab a few blankets, and make a blanket fort! You will both have a blast trying to assemble it, and you can even bring your laptop in there with you to watch a movie in your blanket fort!images (2)
  2. Buy flowers or balloon and give them to random people who need cheering up: Okay, so this one isn’t quite free, but the impact you will make on people’s day is priceless. Run to the dollar store, pick up some balloons and flowers and hand them out to people who are looking down in the dumps. You both will be so happy when you see the looks on people’s faces when you bless their day.
  3. Do touristy things in your own city: A lot of people don’t really explore their home town, which is a shame! Take a free trolley tour, grab a free city map and explore, or research free attractions in your city!
  4. Make a bucket list together: The items you come up with don’t even have to be things that you want to do with each other, but a bucket list can also be a great way to come up with new date ideas! And, you will learn a lot about each other’s hopes and dreams.

Go out and have a blast! Who says dating has to break the bank?

XOXO, Chels