Everyone has a type. Maybe your type is “tall, dark, and handsome” or maybe yours is “outgoing and funny”. Although everyone has a “type”, there are certain types of people you should steer clear of dating. Here are they 5 types of guys you should avoid dating:

1. The Flirt: This type of guy love to get chatty with anyone, from strangers to friends. You want a guy who gives his undivided attention to you, and flirts with JUST you! The last thing you want is to be dating someone who, not only flirts with others in front of you, but also flirts with them behind your back. guys to not date chelsea crockett

2. The Partier: Stay. Away. From. Him. Partying boys are a recipe for disaster. He may seem fun and outgoing at first, but with parties comes bad mistakes and regretful decisions. You want to date a guy who is mature and doesn’t need to go to parties to feel good about himself.

3. The Negative Nancy: He is the guy who can find something negative to say about everything! Living life with someone who is always negative will just bring you down and put a damper on your happiness!

4. The Slacker: He’s the guy who has no dreams, vision, or passion to get up and do anything. Dating this kind of guy is NEVER wise!

5. The Jerk: This one is a given. You deserve more than this kind of guy can offer you! Look for someone who is kind, generous, selfless, and chivalrous. That last thing you want is to be embarrassed about bringing your man in public because you are afraid of how he will act.

So, ladies, who do we steer clear of? Jerks, negagive Nancies, partiers, flirts, and slackers.

XOXO, Chels