Do you ever feel like you need to be in a relationship? Like, if all of your friends are dating someone, and Netflix romance movies makes it look like it could be fun, so you think maybe you should give it a try? Odds are you have felt this way at some point. When we think like this, we may feel like we should date the first person who shows some interest in us because if we don’t, we could end up forever alone (noooooooo!). Don’t let these thoughts drive you. Here is how to find out if you are not ready for a relationship.

  1. You still social media stalk your ex: If your sleuthing is on the Sherlock Holmes level, you probably aren’t over that person, hence you are not ready for a new relationship.via-christianfunnypictures.com_
  2. Your friends’ relationship drama makes you gag: If hearing about your friends’ relationship troubles makes you thank your lucky stars you aren’t dating a guy like that, then you might want to wait to get into the dating game.
  3. You like treating yourself: If you love your “me” time and don’t feel like sharing, then you aren’t ready for a relationship. And you know what? That is totally fine! When you are ready to date you will feel ready to share your time with someone else.

So, if you still social media stalk your ex, you hate hearing about your friends’ relationship drama, and you don’t feel like sharing your time, then you aren’t ready to get back in the dating saddle!

XOXO, Chels