Have you ever dated a guy that was, well, a bit too clingy? Are you wondering if your current BF is just that? First, let me define clingy. I mean, he is jealous when you spend time with friends, he is insecure about your feelings towards him, that sort of thing. A clingy boyfriend is one that is not fun to be around. Here are a 4 signs your beau is a bit too clingy and what to do about it.

  1. He is always blowing up your phone: Even when you are at a friend’s house, out to dinner with family, shopping with your sister, he is always texting or calling you. When you are not together, your bf won’t leave you (and your phone) alone. This could be a sign that he is insecure and jealous. If he is always trying to keep tabs on you, that is a red flag!
  2. All of his friends have vanished: And now you are his only friend. He has given up all of his other friends just to be with you. He doesn’t want to spend time with anyone else but you. BEEP BEEP, red flag ahead!resized_y-u-no-meme-generator-clingy-boyfriend-y-u-no-leave-me-alone-938a07
  3. You constantly need to reassure him you like him: No matter how many times you say it, they want you to say it just one more time. We all need reassurance that our boyfriend/girlfriend has feelings for us, but not on a hyper-frequent basis. Like a few times every few hours. They feel insecure about your feelings for them and just want to make sure that you still like/love them. This is not healthy, and odds are, they will never feel reassured enough to feel secure in the relationship.
  4. He is more interested in you than you are in him: This is the icing on the cake. If your BF is needy or clingy, and it annoys the daylights out of you, odds are he is more into the relationship than you are. If your boyfriend texting you a few times a day to check on you is cute to you, then then this scenario isn’t the case! You are both mutually invested in the relationship. But, if you find the constant check-ins, and clinginess to be obnoxious and downright annoying, it’s time to cut him loose.

If any of these points sound like your boyfriend, then he is what we would classify as clingy. Like I said earlier, if you like your man to only want to hang out with you and text you constantly, then a clingy guy is right for you! But, if you like to have space and freedom to hang out with people without getting a million texts or being checked-in on constantly, then a clingy guy is not your cup of tea.

XOXO, Chels