We all have bad days. Whether it’s something as little as a bad grade or something a lot bigger, you may start to feel far from God. Sometimes you lose faith or don’t have the time to grow and build your relationship with Christ. It can be frustrating and confusing but we’ve all been there. I came up with a few tips to turn your bad days to good days :).

  • Set apart some alone time to spend with God. Chelsea Crockett - God QuoteIf we never spend time with our friends and family, we will slowly grow apart from them. It’s the same thing with God! Never having some quiet time to listen for what God is trying to tell you will result in farness from God and His plan.
  • Pray, pray, pray. Prayer is powerful! Speaking to God one-on-one will strengthen your relationship with Him.
  • Text a friend from church, a youth leader, etc. If you have a church family that you can rely on, use that to your advantage! If you can’t talk and pray with someone in your family, seek advice from a fellow Christian.
  • Go to church. What’s a better place to get closer to God than being surrounded by good fellowship and the Word?
  • Listen to Christian music. I know when I’m feeling down, I love to listen to my favorite Christian artists. Their songs send very powerful messages that I sometimes need to hear!

I hope these tips help you draw nearer to God and help you remember how much he loves you.

Love, Chelsea