In my honest opinion, I think we should all be friendlier on a daily basis. Think of how many people’s day we could make, just by smiling at them or being sweet to them? These days friendliness can be misinterpreted as flirting or being “fake.” I find that completely sad, because friendliness is such a great quality to have! It makes your life better, it makes other people’s lives better. Here is how to be more friendly so you can make someone’s day every day.

  1. Smile at people you see: When you are walking down the street, smile at people! Don’t stare blankly ahead and avoid eye contact, smile! Be that person who makes eye contact and smiles, you will be the most friendly, likable person on the block!
  2. Be aware of body language: You can be a super sweet person, but if your body language is bad you can come off as not-so-nice. Are you sending off good vibes by making eye contact and smiling? Do you appear closed-off and unapproachable? Watch for those things!
  3. Give genuine compliments: A real, honest to goodness compliment is one of the nicest things you can give a person. People know when you are giving a real compliment or a transparent one. Compliment people on their best qualities and speak up when you notice something good about them or find they did something well! People like to be around people like that.
  4. Make people feel comfortable: If you are at a party or an event with friends and you see someone you are acquainted with looking like they feel uncomfortable, invite them over to sit with you or include them in conversation. This goes for people who don’t have anywhere to sit at lunch or a person who doesn’t have a group for a group project. Make people feel like they belong!

Like I said earlier, being friendly can sometimes be taken the wrong way by some people, but to others it is much appreciated. By simply making yourself more approachable you can improve people’s day and brighten your mood! Try friendliness out, it looks good on you!

XOXO, Chels