Right now is a tense time for our country and our world. People are angry, hurt, confused, fed up, and 24f4701439373f95b9631f4a8a6d7bd5because of these emotions their attitudes can become tainted. I have witnessed how nasty people can become with their words and actions through the news and on social media, and I have a reminder for all of you out there: even if we disagree about everything, we can still be kind to each other.

Kindness is a courtesy we should all show each other. Being kind is so important during these times. Kindness can mean more to someone than you know. They may be having a terrible day, and your kind word or actions can change their whole outlook. Also, as a Christian, I find that my kindness acts as a witness of my faith. People notice when you are kind, and they ask how you can be that way even when it would be so much easier to be mean or rude. Jesus called us to be kind and be a witness to the world of His love.

Be kind, even on your bad days. You never know who may be watching you and may be impacted by your actions.

XOXO, Chels