Recently, I’ve been thinking about all of the things in life that can easily bring us down.  It’s easy to focus on the negative when you are feeling bummed but it’s also cool to flip a “mind” switch and think about all of the blessings that God has placed right before you.Chelsea Crockett- be a better you

I did a youth retreat once that focused on “your life will follow your expectations”!  If you focus on positive thoughts, your life will move in that direction!  It’s so important to have hopes, visions, and dreams.  If you constantly think negative thoughts, you will lead a negative life.  If you expect failure and defeat then your subconscious mind will make sure you lose and fail.  However, if you raise your level of expectancy….your vision will be enlarged!

I am here to encourage you to set your mind for success!  Each day, you must think thoughts of victory, favor, and hope.  Pray to God and then wait with expectancy!  God is ready to bless you beyond measure.  Be sure to believe God for an amazing future!  Good things are just around the corner!

“I will wait upon The Lord with expectancy for He shall speak peace to His people.”
Psalm 85:8