Are you a freshman in college? Or are you a high school student getting ready to head to college in the near future? Then I am sure you have heard of the dreaded phrase “freshman 15”, which refers to the weight that you gain in your first year of college. Have no fear, the freshmen 15 doesn’t have to be a problem! Actually, experts say that the average college student only gains 3-4 pounds in their first year of college, but still, we can avoid it! Here is how:

Break for Breakfast: If you don’t stop and eat breakfast, you will be starving throughout your day, and probably shovel junk down your pie hole at lunch because you are so famished from skipping breakfast! As your mother has drilled into your skull, breakfast is super important. Breakfast also supplies your brain and muscles with the energy they need to get through the day! It also promotes a healthy metabolism, which is crucial to maintaining a healthy weight.

Snack Smart: Yes, I know that Cheeze-Its are totally delicious and mega addicting, but they might not be the best all-day-every-day snack. Try for something a little more healthy such as apple slices and peanut butter or granola as your go-to snack. Also, snack often! This ensures that you will not over eat at meals, and it keeps your energy level and metabolism at 100% throughout your day.freshman15

Don’t Drink your Calories: You would be surprised how many calories we actually drink in a day. Switch out the soda for water or tea! It is a small change that makes a huge difference.

Get a Great Workout Buddy: Grab your roommate or best bud and make set days of the week your “workout days”. This will ensure that you get your exercise in for the week and you have a set schedule you can keep to so you are accountable.

Good luck in college, I know you can keep that freshman 15 from bearing its ugly teeth!

XOXO, Chels