Ladies, can you think of one male style trend that drives you nuts? I am not a big fan of guys wearing high Nike socks with sandals. Gross. Guys look at some of our style choices in the same way, and their opinions are actually pretty amusing! Now, you should not let a guy’s opinion dictate the way you feel about yourself or your style choices, this list is just purely for fun and for you to get a little look into the male brain!

  1. Bangs: Some guys comment that bangs make them think of “mom hair.” I personally love bangs! But, some guys say FB3A9990-X2they are no bueno. Some guys even say bangs make girls look intimidating!
  2. Too-tight hair: When you pull your hair back too tight, like in a tight ponytail or bun, guys say it makes them feel like the girl is a major tomboy. But hey, if that is your thing, keep rockin it!
  3. Fragrance to the max: Don’t get me wrong, smelling great is always a must! But, If your boyfriend is being choked by your fragrance, you might need to tone it down a smidge.
  4. Too much tanner: Guys prefer you NOT to be tanned the color of Snooki.
  5. Helmet head: Too much hairspray means he cannot run his hands through your hair like Jack and Rose in the Titanic, and he is just NOT okay with that. 😉


Like I said earlier, you do you, who cares what guys think?! These were merely observations to give you a little giggle.

XOXO, Chels