Beginning with the end in mind can help you develop a clearer picture on what you want to do with your life. Although you may have no idea what you completely want to do in life, such as who you will marry or what career you might choose, you can at least start thinking beyond today and begin deciding what path you want to take towards your  future.

begin-with-the-end-in-mind-slider Chelsea Crockett

begin-with-the-end-in-mind-slider Chelsea Crockett

            It may seem hard to draw up a picture of what your future looks like without a blueprint. Being a teenager, I know it’s definitely not an easy thing to do. You may still be deciding on where you want to go with your life in the next few years, let alone the rest of your life. Beginning with the end in mind isn’t saying to make all the big decisions right now, but simply saying to start shaping yourself. To do this you must ask yourself a few questions such as: Do you want to go to college or graduate school? What will your attitude towards life be? What kind of relationships do you want with your family and friends? I know it’s frightening to start thinking about your future at such a young age, but your teenage years affect such a big part of your life in such a powerful way.

            Take your peers as an example. Who you associate with has a big influence on how you act or what kind of reputation you have. I know finding the right group of friends is hard, but it’s better to stick to your guns and have little friends then to be stuck in the wrong group in the wrong situations. Remember, your friends don’t have to be from your school. They could be friends from church, sports teams, or even family. Wouldn’t you rather be accepted for who you are then being accepted for who you’re not?

            Throughout this chapter, Sean Covey repeatedly talks about having a mission statement. A mission statement is a personal motto that states what your life is about. It’s a positive statement that motivates you to do your best and gives you a little inspiration. If things start to get bad with school, family, etc. you can refer back to your mission statement that remains unchanged and can give you some encouragement.

            Last but not least, go for the goal. Don’t get yourself down looking back at set goals in the past that were never accomplished. Start fresh and have a mind ready to succeed. I know from personal experiences that getting back up after you fall is not fun or easy. In the past, I’ve set many goals from learning a musical instrument to getting straight A’s for the year. Some I succeeded through but others I failed. Looking back on your disappointments you can reflect on what you did wrong and what you can do next time to achieve your goal. It makes you a stronger person and gives you a new perspective on the future.

            Make differences and leave a legacy. Life is short so start to begin with an end in mind. Make your life extraordinary.


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