We all have that one girlfriend that we just cannot live without. She’s the peanut to your jelly and the milk to your Oreo. She just “gets” you, plain and simple. Whether you are a workin’ woman or nose deep in geometry homework, you should always make time for your BFF. How can you show her you love her? By taking her on a date, of course! Dates aren’t just for you and your boy toy, they are for your bestie, too! Here are some handy date ideas for you and your BFF:


  1. Bestie photo shoot: get a bunch of props together, dress up, do each other’s makeup, and have a blast! You can do your photo shoot anywhere, from your basement to the park!
  2. Make a best friend bucket list: come up with things that you are dying to do with each other. It can be anything from vacationing in Hawaii to skydiving! Be creative!tumblr_mke18jzIAK1s33l0qo1_500
  3. Cook each other dinner: take turns cooking each other your favorite meal. Why YOUR favorite meal? So they can learn more about what YOU love, even if it is just your favorite dish!


Next time you feel like spoiling your sister from another mister, take her out on a date! Treat her right, and get her home before curfew. 😉


XOXO, Chels