Its fall yall! It’s a great time to be alive…and to be single! Yeah, going to the pumpkin patch with a cute dude sounds super fun, but you know what else sounds fun? The stuff below! Here are a few reasons why being single in the fall is fabulous.

  1. Guys in flannels: fall = flannels, flannels + cute dudes = heart eyes emoji. And you can stare because you are single!single 4
  2. Guilt free PSL indulgence: You won’t have to worry about a guy saying “don’t you ever get tired of pumpkin spice..?”
  3. No cheesy couples Halloween costume: Yes, couples Halloween costumes can be cute, but they’re sometimes slightly obnoxious. Like, if I want to be Elsa from Frozen, no one can stop me! I don’t need a dude to sing “Let it Go” at the top of my lungs with. I’m a solo act.
  4. Candids.: You and your gal pals can take “candid” pictures of yourselves mid-laugh in the pumpkin patch, looking like Instagram models. You don’t need a guy to have a impromptu photo shoot, that’s what bffs are for. Guys are not so good at staged candids. “Look happy! You look mad. Just act like you’re happy then! Ugh, my friends are way better at this than you are.” That is how I imagine that conversation with a guy going.

See? Being single during the fall can be loads of fun. Having a guy is fun too, and there are tons of fun fall date ideas out there, but this post is for my single ladies.