Moving into a college dorm requires a long list of items, and going into the process without some sort of guide or list of essentials can be overwhelming! In order to make this process easy on all of us, I have made a list of must-haves that I will be taking with me to college. I did my research, so this list should cover all the bases!

  • Wall calendar – so you and your roomates can keep track of fun events on campus AND keep track of where each of you will be when!hanging-closet-shoe-storage-mini-dot-o
  • Cute ID holder – for your school ID and dorm room key.
  • Cute backpack
  • Jewelry organizer – so you can display all of your cute accessories and use it as room décor!
  • Mini fridge – a definite essential.
  • Cute rain boots – a college campus must! Nobody likes walking around in wet, soggy shoes all day. You will love rainy days when you have a cute pair of rain boots!
  • Cute shower caddy
  • Lap desk – for those of us who do our best work while sitting in bed. 🙂
  • Shower flip flops – because hygiene.
  • Cute comforter – a cute comforter does wonders to spruce up a boring dorm room!
  • Under the bed shoe storage
  • Stylish water bottle – to help you stay hydrated AND accessorized.
  • Laundry bag
  • Hanging closet organizer

These are the essentials I am packing up and taking with me to school. Did I miss anything that you think would be useful in my dorm room? Comment below!

XOXO, Chels