Okay, so picture this. A boy pulls up to your house, walks up your sidewalk, and knocks on your door. Your dad answers the door, the boy shakes his hand, and you greet him with a smile. You take his arm and walk to his car, where he opens the door for you. He takes you to a nice restaurant, where you two have a lovely conversation about your likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams. After the meal, he pays the bill and takes you home, where he walks you to the door and you part with a warm smile and a “goodnight.” This routine is repeated a few times and may lead to courtship, and then possibly marriage. Does this scenario sound totally foreign to you or like something out of an old movie? This is what your grandparents called dating.download (1)

Isn’t it crazy how drastically the action of dating has morphed over the years? Now dating is considered texting someone at all hours of the day, and making them your “Man Crush Monday”, and posting cute pictures of you two on Instagram. Staying in and watching movies is a typical date, and going to nice dinners is reserved for birthdays or your “six month anniversary”. We put so much attention on “relationship statuses” on Facebook and Twitter “subtweets”. If we said any of these phrases to our grandparents, they would have no idea what we were talking about, and probably think you were talking in some kind of secret code or language. So, I am curious, what do you wish was different about our dating culture? Do you long for the dates like the one above, or do you enjoy our version of dating?

I know that sometimes I get frustrated with society’s definition of dating, and the expectations that is put on it. Sometimes, society’s view seems so shallow, does it not? Here is what I think, straight up and to the point: Don’t fall into the trap of conforming to any set standard just because it is what society says you should do. We need to set our own relationship standards based on something that doesn’t trend or move, and that is the standards that God has set. Don’t let your views be compromised by popular opinion.

So, like I said, I am curious to hear your point of view. Comment below and tell me your thoughts, because I want to know what you think!

XOXO, Chels