Fall is one of my favorite times to go on dates. The weather is just getting to be chilly, which means you can dress cute without being worried that you will sweat your brains out. Plus, your hair won’t plaster to your forehead or go poofy with humidity! SCORE! Anyway, autumn holds lots of opportunities for super fun dates. Here are just a few of my favs!

  • Corn maze: Go get lost together in a corn maze! You will have a blast trying to find your way, bumping into each other, 15-Fabulous-Fall-Date-Ideas-Pumpkin-Patch-Datelaughing the whole time!
  • Pumpkin picking: Go have a blast picking out the perfect pumpkin! You will have so much fun riding out to the patch and trying to find a better pumpkin than the other ;). Plus, you can make pumpkin pie or roast the seeds with the insides of your precious pumpkins!
  • Pumpkin decorating: After you go pick out the pumpkins together, have a decorating contest!
  • Haunted house: Getting to jump into your boy’s arms when a creepy zombie scares you= the best kind of date. 😉
  • Apple picking: Go apple picking together, then make yummy treats with the apples you picked!
  • Go to a football game: Football games are one of the best fall activities if you ask me. You will have a blast cheering on your favorite team together!
  • Rake leaves…and then jump through them: Pretty self-explanatory. Leaves + you + your man + a couple of rakes = hours of fun and a leaf-free yard.
  • Have a Halloween movie marathon: Grab that pumpkin pie or apple dumplings you made together, cozy up, and turn on a good Halloween movie!

Don’t have a boy toy? Grab a gal pal and do all of these things together! They may take a little bit of tweaking, but they will still be a super blast!

XOXO, Chels