There is something about Christmas lights that make me feel all warm inside. They are a staple when it comes to decorating for Christmas! You can do so many things with them, from hanging them on your house to decorating your tree with them, whatever the case may be they bring a little Christmas cheer with them. Here are a few not-so common ways to DIY decorate with them this Christmas!

  1. Dixie cup lights: If you like fun and funky decorations, then you will like this easy DIY. The fun lights will add a fun flair to any space! Here is the link to learn how to do it yourself:
  2. Framed picture or card display: My family and I like to display all of the Christmas cards that our friends and family send us, so this was a really cute way to do so! You can even use this year-round to display other pictures. Here is the tutorial:
  3. Wall art: There are tons of ways to decorate your walls with Christmas lights. Make sure you aren’t using anything that will ruin the walls or the paint when you are hanging the lights, though! Here is a cute idea where you frame photos with a heart of lights.heart

XOXO, Chels