“When I go to bed, I sleep in peace, because, Lord, you keep me safe. Psalm 4:8”

Do your worries keep you up at night? Going to bed worried is one of the worst feelings. Letting go of things is hard and putting your anxious thoughts aside can feel impossible. Worrying about the future, about finances, friendships, things that you did wrong and things that you could do better, all of these things threaten to rob us of sleep.

A great piece of advice that I was given is to “Give it to God and go to bed.” Every morning God gives you a new day, He allows the sun to shine, and He holds the world in His hands. God does everything for a purpose, and if He can run the world and knows all the hairs on your head, so He can definitely handle anything going on in your life. I struggle with anxious thoughts. My mind can get away from me and start to run wild. I just have to remind myself that He has never failed me before. God won’t fail you if you seek Him first.

Even if you aren’t going through a tough time, every day life brings enough “storms” of its own. Worry affects every part of your life and is not healthy. Worry drains you of energy, happiness, and even drains your time. What is keeping you up at night is what is important to you. But, a lot of times, those are things beyond your control.

As Christians we can have faith that God wants the best for us, His children. We might not know what His plan is or what it looks like exactly, but He says that someday it will be clear to us and it will bring us good, not do us harm. It is hard to trust in what we cannot see, but that is what we have to do. Don’t let your worry consume you or back you into a corner, and most of all, don’t let it steal your precious zzz’s.

Let’s face it, we all need to be told to give it to God and go to bed.

XOXO, Chels