It’s your boy toy’s birthday coming up, and you have NO idea what to get him! Ahhhh!! Don’t lose your marbles just yet, because I have some great gift ideas for the dude in your life. Sometimes trying to find a gift for your guy can be a little nerve racking, because you want to get him something that he will not only love, but that he will actually use! Here are some super fun, super creative gift ideas for all of those Handsomeliciousinsiders out there!

Iron man cloths iron: Okay, what guy wouldn’t think this is a total riot? And what better motivation for him to actually help out with the ironing? 😉iron-man-500x388

Candy: Simple. All boys love candy. Arrange it in a cute way, and use all of his favorite candies! The perfect mix of thoughtful and yummy!

Funny t-shirt: Like this funny t-shirt! He will get a kick out of it, and it will make you feel so special when he wears it!

chelsea crockett

These were just a few ideas of gifts to get your guy on any occasion. These are just a few to get the gears in your head turning! Good luck finding the perfect gift for handsomeliciousinsider!

XOXO, Chels