Odds are, you are no stranger to stress. School, work, friends, family, there are so many things vying for our time and attention and sometimes we feel like we are being pulled a million ways at once and that there is no possible way to get everything done that we need to. Then, there are those people who don’t seem to feel any stress at all, even though they’ve got lives just as busy as ours. How do they do it?! How do they manage their stress and make it seem so easy? Here are 5 habits of the less-stressed people of the population.

  1. Laugh lots: Laughing every day is a great way to manage stress. Laughter releases endorphins, stimulates your lungs and heart, and improves your circulation which all help calm your stress response.
  2. Be grateful: Being thankful helps you decrease your worries and increases your focus on the positive things in life which helps fight negativity.
  3. Exercise: Working out doesn’t just strengthen your body, it also strengthens your mind. It helps you stay calm because exercising is an outlet for frustrations. It also increases the hormones in your brain that make you feel happy and good.62824517
  4. Get enough sleep: Sleep and stress go together like peanut butter and jelly. Healthy people who know how to deal with stress know that sleep is a priority. Lack of sleep can make you angry, sad, mentally exhausted, and stressed.
  5. Watch the caffeine intake: You may think of caffeine as the magical substance that helps you power through the day, but it actually may be causing you stress. Caffeine can actually increase the symptoms of stress, so limit how much you take in on a daily basis.

Stress doesn’t have to rule our lives! Hopefully these tips from people who know how to stay on top of stress help you do the same.

XOXO, Chels