As a runner, I know how hard it is to find hair styles that work for working out. When I am running, I hate the feeling of my ponytail swooping back and forth, I hate it when braids hit my back, and I cannot stand hair in my face! There are only a few hair styles I approve of when going on a run for those reasons. Here are my favs!

  1. Low pony: This is the easiest style of them all. Low ponies are better than high because they don’t swoosh around when you’re running. They’re quick to do, and to keep the flyaway hairs out of your face add in a headband.fullsizerender-61
  2. French braid: This one is my go-to running style. I love it because, like a low ponytail, it doesn’t swoosh around when you run, and the braid keeps the hair off of your forehead. Plus it is super cute!
  3. Mini Ponies: This last style is the most complicated, but that being said it is still very easy to do. It is great for ladies with long hair or lots of layers. Grab the section of hair at the top of your head into ponytail. Tie it with an elastic. Gather another section further down and secure it into an elastic, including the top section. Keep this going until you secure the final ponytail with a more durable band.

Having my hair secured while I run is essential for me to have a successful workout. Without having to worry about my hair falling out or getting in my face I am free to run as I please!

XOXO, Chels