Are you and your boo looking for some fun, healthy ways to spend some quality time this summer? What could be better than spending time with your darlin’ and being active at the same time? Here are some super sweet ways to do just that!

Dancing: If you can get your guy to go dancing with you, then that is a sign that he REALLLY likes you. Go country line dancing or ballroom dancing or salsa dancing, any kind of dancing! It will get your heart pumping AND you can be spun around the dance floor by your boo.

Canoeing: This activity gets you off your phones and out into nature! Grab a canoe and your man and paddle away! Your arms will get a killer workout, and you will also get to enjoy some beautiful scenery.

Berry Picking: Summer is the season for fresh berries, and many larger farms let you pick your own. If you cannot find a place to pick your own berries, you can always find them at a farmers market! You can spend time together perusing the market together, and then bake something totally yummy with the produce you find!Alaska Berry Picking

Are you going to try some of these sweet ideas this summer?

XOXO, Chels