When you are in a relationship, are you a jealous person? Meaning, when you see your dude talking to another girl in class, does it make you feel possessive of him and maybe a bit mad at the other girl for talking to him? He’s yours after all, right? Wrong. Ladies, we need to keep our jealousy in check. Feeling a little jealousy is natural, but snooping his Instagram and checking his texts when he isn’t looking is NOT. That could ruin your relationship, plus it is just exhausting worrying about him talking to other girls. Here are 4 ways to help you become less of a jealous person.jealousy

  1. Be honest: Let your boyfriend know you that you have been feeling jealous. Open up to him! In healthy relationships, you two are a team! He should be open to hearing what is on your mind, and he should want to help you overcome these feelings and work with you on it.
  2. Ask friends for advice: Odds are, they have felt some jealousy themselves. Your gal pals will know how to be supportive and lend an ear to hear you out. They may even have some tips on what helped them overcome jealousy.
  3. Take a step back: Step back and look at your relationship. If time goes by and your feelings of jealousy don’t ease, your boyfriend might be the culprit. He may be acting certain ways that he shouldn’t with girls that make you suspicious or jealous. Your feelings of jealousy might not be your doing! Look at your relationship from another perspective and be honest with yourself on whether your relationship is still healthy and positive.
  4. Stop snooping: As girls, we are great social media stalkers. We can find out anything! But, once you start social media snooping on your bf, it is hard to stop. Stop playing detective! It isn’t healthy! You should be able to trust him and his behaviors and interactions on social media. If not? See step 3.

Jealousy is not a fun feeling! I hope this helps you overcome your jealousy, once you do you will feel so free!

XOXO, Chels