I never feel like I have enough time. There are so many things to fit in a day! Because of my hectic schedule, hair appointments are the last thing on my mind. But, they have to happen at some point! Here are ways to make the most for your hair appointments and to help get you in and out of there!452735bcc9ac66847cbacfef9f54b1f6

  1. Know what you want: Give the hair stylist something to work with, like a photo of the cut or color that you are wanting. This helps the stylist know the direction you want to go and saves time because you aren’t trying to verbally explain it to them.
  2. Plan ahead: Know approximately how much time you think you will need for the appointment so you and the stylist don’t feel rushed. Plan it into your day just like you would anything else. Block out time for it.
  3. Don’t go in with wet hair: Your stylist is going to want to look at your hair dry to see how it normally looks, and they are going to want to feel it to see if there is a lot of damage they will need to trim off. If you come with a wet head, they will have to blow dry it before you start the appointment, which takes time. Save time, go dry!

Next time you need to make a trip to the salon, try these time-saving tips to make the most of it!

XOXO, Chels