As most of you know, I am in a long-distance relationship. My boyfriend lives down South, and I live in the Midwest. Long-distance is not easy. At all. When you miss your boo, you can’t just drive over to their house and hang. Sometimes we go months at a time without seeing each other in person. Facetime and social media keep it way easier to keep in touch, which is awesome, but there are other ways to keep your relationship strong despite the distance. Here are a few tips, from one long distance-er to another.

Make plans and keep them: This isn’t just plans to travel and see each other. This can be plans to have a Skype date, plans to make dinner together while on the phone, plans to start and finish the same book. This keeps us from feeling like it has been a long time since we saw each other and helps make the time pass faster. It is always fun having something to look forward too! And when you make plans, keep them, just like you would with an actual date.

Be as open and honest as possible: We all know how easy it is to misinterpret messages. When you are feeling sad, lonely, hurt, confused, or just missing your guy, tell him! And make sure he feels he can do the same to you. It is easy to feel neglected or put on the back burner when you are both so busy and have two separate lives. That is why it is so important to be intentional about having meaningful conversations and opening up to one another.

Give them something to remember you by: Whether it is a little note that you stick in his wallet that reminds him how you feel about him, or an item that he can use all the time and remember you by, like a watch. Little reminders of your affection will keep the spark alive and be great reminders of how much you care.

Long distance is tough, but it is also worth it.

Have you ever been in a long-distance relationship? How did YOU make it work? Comment below!

XOXO, Chels